Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Walk Through Crazy (Jen Lost Her Mind)

you know,
some of you,

my crazy.


not so much

"they will
give me
mind candy"

but crazy...

"you think too much."
"you say too much."

"you show too much."
"you believe everything."
"you let things affect you."

"you feel too much."

i have tasted a thousand religions.

i salted the dead sea.

i have lived a thousand lives.

a thousand books.

ten thousand songs.

if i do not feel & think & learn & live,

then i will have to live ten thousand more.

in this instant society,

where you can voyeuristically view my body,

this tent,

my little house soul,

when i leave the shades undrawn...

to feel too much

is what some of us are here to do.

when we've drunk our fill,

when meds won't work,

& the doctor cannot figure out how to help...

we cripple on,

stumbling about in the dark,

blindly looking for the door...


you need to know
that there is someone else
out there,
who thinks too much,

feels too much,

says too much,

& shows it.

in that,

your heart can look up through the tears,

& take hold of the hand of a strange friend,

& let them walk you
through the crazy.

to live another song tomorrow.

it's what we write about.

our crazy.

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