Thursday, April 7, 2011

i saw you drive by
my house as i was watching
both of us stalkers

don't worry yourself
i'll play chess and sing with her
while you're gone to sea

the colosseum
you will tear yourself apart
graceless martyrdom

it still fucks me up
when i step on bubble wrap
alone in the dark

imagine yourself
imagine you with nothing
imagine nothing

Thursday, January 6, 2011

They Said They Said

"Where did she go?"

They said, they said.

Into her heart, and then her head.

"I live here all alone, you see...
where no~one tells me good from bad."

"And when I cry...
Or if I'm sad,
No~one says, 'I said, I said.' "

Of Love And Other Demons

It's so very very cold in here.
I think I'm bleeding way too much.
I've crawled to where I think the opening is.
It's always blocked and wrong.

They've left moxa on my eyes.
Burning, burning, through the lids.
Curling flaming flesh like silk,
Where the cigarette has touched it.

And now I'm dancing for the money.
My sailor's hat is jaunty but I hate you.
I crucify their want~me succubus,
by standing through their sticky palms.
Wear stiletto heels.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They scare you.
And now you tell me, "Hush you up."

My Heart.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They haunt you reach you.
And now you force me take a pill.

My Mind.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They make you love me.

"Bless me, Father, I have sinned."

You chain me to the bed.

My Sex.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They shock you.

My Soul.

You shock me.

Learn How To Say You Love Me, Ink~Spilled~Upon~My ~Breast

Learn how to say you love me.
Treat me gently.
Send for me.
Before our summer ends.
Place me in a box of velvet.
Old or new, I do not care.
Strong and softly, carry me to you.
I'll wear white satin.
Or black lace beneath a trench coat...
I'll carry paint and glass for you.
I'll smell of tonquin and vanilla.
I long for quiet and for trust...

Learn how to say you love me.

In the end, blue happiness is only metal.

In the end, words written are just fodder.

In the end, sex is something
that you order on the internet.

And my memory is just something
that you wipe away.

Just A Trinket Will Do

Why is it,
that we run
and knowledge

like skinny, knobby kneed children,
ill dressed in bright rags.

dancing through the dust and filth,
over and again,

after tanks?

screaming and hooting,
at recruits,
not much older than ourselves,

"Trinket for me, G.I.?"
"Throw me a trinket, G.I. Man..."

"Throw me a triinket!"

Silk Lives & Hearts Made Out Of Dandelion Wine

I don't know how to drive this car.
I don't know what this music is.

I don't know why that cop
has made a u~turn in th
e quiet road.
I don't know where I'll get the money.

I don't know where you are, tonight.
Or if you'll ever see me, more.

But, I smile,

Knowing that you are.
Somewhere, in this world, tonight.

~Silk Lives & Hearts Made Out Of Dandelion Wine~