Tuesday, May 23, 2017


You are so quiet
on this night.
So quiet.
Are You out there?
Are You well?
Do You love me?
Can You tell?
Do I want You to?
Do I want You?
Do I want to?
In the quiet
In the still...

I do want You.

Do You Think I Think You Think I Sleep?

I pressed my fingertips to my lips, tonight,
Your world two hours deeper...
And touched your worried brow.
You thought, I thought you sleep.
Did you feel it?

I sent it on the silent lightning,
That woke me from my own sleep.
My world two hours darker.
I have not felt the touch of you...
Your hands pressing where my thumb
becomes my hand,
in circles,
healing where the pain comes from.

Do you think I think you think I sleep?

And do you?

Your world two hours newer...

Or is it mine?