Thursday, January 6, 2011

Of Love And Other Demons

It's so very very cold in here.
I think I'm bleeding way too much.
I've crawled to where I think the opening is.
It's always blocked and wrong.

They've left moxa on my eyes.
Burning, burning, through the lids.
Curling flaming flesh like silk,
Where the cigarette has touched it.

And now I'm dancing for the money.
My sailor's hat is jaunty but I hate you.
I crucify their want~me succubus,
by standing through their sticky palms.
Wear stiletto heels.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They scare you.
And now you tell me, "Hush you up."

My Heart.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They haunt you reach you.
And now you force me take a pill.

My Mind.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They make you love me.

"Bless me, Father, I have sinned."

You chain me to the bed.

My Sex.

My Dreams.
My Dreams...
They shock you.

My Soul.

You shock me.

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