Saturday, January 1, 2011

The King Of Tyrus

do you remember, Dear,
that night, i wore the smashed cherry lipstick?

do you remember, the netty veil,
that stepped, jauntily,
off the edge of my pillbox hat?

do you remember, Sir,
the little seam, that went, marching up,
the back of my long, slim leg, sewing me, into silk?

do you remember the scents i wore,
for you, that night, of tonquin,
and, french vanilla beans?

do you remember the punk,
loud, leather and spike wearing music, or the smoke?

do you remember, Love,
lifting me, by my waist,
inside that little military jacket,
up, onto that sleazy bar stool,
and, kneeling, on one knee...
lifting up my ankle, and, placing my foot,
there, upon your thigh?

do you remember, Sex,
looking up, into my eyes,
and, mouthing words?

do you remember what you mouthed?

do you remember, Abaddon,
my eyebrow, singly, lifting,
or your focus, stripping me, almost naked?

do you remember,
the lead singer of the band, gruffling by,
pulling in his chin, and shaking his head,
as if You didn't fit, there?

do you remember, Prince of Darkness,
re~working, the buckle of my shoe?

do you remember,
now, or then, Dear, the drizzles of sugar,
that surely, would have covered your hands,
had you left them there,
any longer...

do you remember our skin, melting?

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