Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thirty Day Internet Bride

In all my mis~steps,
and mess~ups, and, minuses...

Why does, every now, and then,
one man, step forward, from the rest,
and, ask me to remember...
a laugh, a look, a spoon.
A vintage chinese room,
in a fightclub house.
A carrying of a pair of pinchy shoes,
through a garden,
where the koi are bigger than
an Arizona girl's tattoos.

That old tin tub,
was bigger
than the Bluebird of Happiness.

And, the rain blew harder,
than an Arizona girl's anger.

was bigger than the doctor's house,
in Arizona.

Maybe, more like the moon.

I'm always in love.

But, any major dude will tell you...

We're just too far apart.

Hurricanes and beaches.
Tomatoes and Chicos.
Lawyers and sushi.
Tibet and secret soup.

Tomorrow, I will listen to Nick Cave,
Nurse With Wound,
Don Williams,
Or Cracker...
Something else.

Anything, but Wilco.

You would laugh, at this.

But, July, in that tiny canoe, on a lake,
banked by warring old men,
independent, with rockets...
was bigger than,
the internet reality show...
the thirty day internet bride.
Bigger, I wish, sometimes,
than an Arizona girl's fireworks.

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