Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash: Where I found the starts of my religion.
Folsom Prison Blues is the first thing 
I remember hearing of Cash, and my love of listening to him, 
blossomed from there.

Johnny Cash wrote a movie. 
The Gospel Road.
He wrote and performed all the music. 
He narrated it.
It tells the story of Jesus.
From manhood to death. 
And resurrection.
It's cheesy as Hell.
In the movie, told by the man in black, 
who was no saint, himself,
there is the Biblical story of the day 
that the scribes and pharisees, 
the religious leaders of the day, 
wanted to disprove Jesus, 
as he claimed that he was the son of God.
So they brought him a test. 
A woman that had been caught in the act of adultery. 
According to the laws of the land, she should be stoned. 
She was flung at the feet of Jesus, 
and he was asked what he thought should be done. 

They had known just where to find her, 
meaning probably that they knew her. 
And that they were willing to sacrifice her life 
to prove their point.
The man involved was not brought, 
meaning that he might have been one of the pharisees, himself.

Jesus hesitated a moment, and said,
"He that is without sin, cast the first stone."
Then he stooped, and began to write in the sand. 
It is still not known what he wrote. 
But as he did, the scribes began to leave, 
one by one, from the oldest, 
down to the youngest... 
until it was only he and the woman.
When this was done, he asked her, 
"Who here is your accuser?"
And she replied, 
"None here, my lord."
Jesus said to her, 
"Neither do I accuse you." 
"Go, and sin no more."
Being that she was probably a prostitute, 
he knew that she would more than likely return 
to the life she knew.

She had been justified, as a human, and as a woman.
She had been shown mercy
and set above her hypocritical judges.

It is my favorite story in the Bible. 
It is my favorite story about God.
I don't know if there is a God, 
or if we call him by the right name.
But if there is, he is the God of second chances.
And from this, was birthed the roots 
of what I would say is my soul.

1. Don't judge until you know the whole story.

2. You'll never know the whole story.
3. I am weary of chickens.
4. In everything, use Dignity, and practice Balance.
5. Get up.

Merle Kilgore recently died. 
I think he just may be up in heaven,
with Johnny, sittin' down.  

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