Wednesday, July 6, 2005

"Funny, just when you think you've got it all figured, 
in a heartbeat, it changes again."
I had met my forever still soulmate.
He taught me to speak from action rather than reaction.
He was the only person that I had ever met
who has been attacked by a monkey. 
His religion was fire.
He taught me that when you find your love,
they are with you always, even when they are gone.

When he left, he was going to Crestone, Colorado.

He never got there. But I wrote a letter every day.
For almost a year. I sent them to the post office there.
Care of General Delivery. No one has ever picked them up.
That was eight years ago.

What makes the kettle whistle? 

What makes gold precious?
What makes a baby cry? 
What makes the poor baby older than the rich one?

Why do we have to belong to someone else?

~perry ferrell~

It would be unfair to say that this was alone the music
that accompanied my life swing, and pivot.

The other is just a bit obscure...
I also watched the movie, "The End of Violence" by Wim Wenders.
It has remained my favorite movie, and the inspiration
for much of my life. I still listen to the soundtrack, often.

It includes: Ry cooder, Spain, DJ Shadow, U2, Sinaid O'Connor, Tom Waits, Medeski Martin and Wood, Michael Stipe, Raul Malo, Los Lobos, Latin Playboys, Whiskytown, Roy Orbison, Eels, and Howie B...

I smoke my friends down to the filter...

~Tom Waits~

When you make love, 

you know you're making love 
to everyone
you've ever made love to...
There are stronger men than me
and they will take you on a mountain
and give you all you seek, 
and you will do what they desire.
You were born to see 
how long your hand can stand the fire...

~roy orbison~

Guess I'm doin' somethin' wrong. 

Never feel right in these shoes.
Pocket full of matches, and a head full of flame.
I got to warn you that I'm bad news.


My now is not my always...


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