Sunday, May 20, 2007

you will die by my hand or this is a really fly band what?

He had a stripper for a girlfriend.
He had what she thought to be an online affair.
In her anger and wish for retribution, 
she turned him in for growing a warehouse full of pot.
Or, perhaps, just disappeared the day the cops found out.
He saw her in a club one night,
and said these words to her.
"You will die by my hand."
Her new boyfriend tried to box him.
She got confused when she told the police that he had said,
"This hand will kill you."
Which made her seem silly.
When he went in front of the judge,
He said the club was loud, 
and that he had said,
"This is a really fly band."
That doesn't rhyme with
or sound anything like  
"This hand will kill you."
The judge dismissed the case. 
He loved to tell new girls this story.
Which made him seem silly.
Or worse.

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